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is there anyway to block someone seeing my profile

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Steven Jardine is off-linePlatinum Member
21 July 2011 10:40
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

You could set up a paysite to milk him for 'exclusive' printed photosets.

Could be a nice earner.....

And then after a few months report him to the police for harassment and they'll have evidence of his obsession
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Chrissie Red is off-line
21 July 2011 10:54
United Kingdom

I hate to sound uncaring but if I were you I wouldn't get involved.

Although it sounds like you are already which I hope you contacted the police about the incident.

I have been asked a couple of times not to credit a photographer after working with him incase his crazy ex girlfriend sees he has been shooting nudes and throws a wobbly on him, ofcourse I took his name off the images but if he asked me not to use them or hide them in anyway then I would be asking him for my rates. Its not my fault he choose to get involved with a nutter its also not my fault she would react the way she did. Just like its not your problem the model you are talking about has a crazy boss. If it is SO bad then I'm wondering why she still works there really or why she continues to model through all of this?

She should deal with HER issue and not drag others into it. Contact the police or whoever else she needs to contact to get it sorted out.

Your a photographer - you take pictures to use and show off.. its not your problem if someone she doesn't want comes across them on your portfolio.

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