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Advertising make up skills- MUA?

19 July 2011 17:36

Hi all,

Quite recently I have been getting more and more people interested in my make up skills. I've always been interested in styling and have done friends and family's hair and makeup for various events, and through photos on facebook/word of mouth etc, other people have been asking if I could 'do their makeup for them' for proms/parties etc. I'm just wondering- I'm thoroughly enjoying experimenting with makeup on different people, and would love to start building up a portfolio, but Im a bit clueless as to how to go about it.
Firstly- am I allowed to advertise my skills without any proper training, just on talent? Secondly, can I even call myself a 'amateur MUA' in order to start building up a portfolio of my work?
Any advice and guidance would be appreciated. 
"I do this because Im having fun. The minute I stop having fun, I'll just walk away"- Heath Ledger

Chosin is a moderatorPlatinum Member
20 July 2011 02:40
United Kingdom

One, this is a model account
therefore  you are not entitled to use it for anything else
Two, you cant advertise  as a MUA without having had any training at all
just the rules we have on here

I am old enough to say I have done it, and still young enough to do it again! ;}

09 August 2011 18:38

You can advertise as a self-taught MUA on Model Mayhem though.

Messaging local photographers and offering to do the make up on any shoots they've got coming up might work, or posting a joint casting: photographer + MUA looking for model.

You'll probably get loads of replies, even experienced models are more likely to TF when an MUA is provided.
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09 August 2011 18:43

No offence to you at all,
You are a lovely girl

But I wouldn't want you working on me...Not if you haven't had training especially in hygiene!

Troy Dennison is off-line
10 August 2011 03:45
Make-up Artist
United Kingdom

Just a couple of things
some of the best make-up people in the trade are self taught - my personal hero Dick Smith would be a prime example of that
talent can take you a long way
however without proper basic training in health & safety and hygiene you limit yourself because not many people will want you to work on them - you need to understand the skin, contra indications, sanitation and sterilisation of your equipment, working practices etc
there are always some that don't care (friends, family) but you are better off getting some simple qualifications under your belt

taking on a full time qualification is a heavy commitment in both time and money
I would suggest:

VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Fashion and Photographic Make-up

Candidates will need to have completed VTCT units VR02 (Support, health, safety and security in the workplace) and VR74 (Support employment standards)

these quals are normally offered as part-time/evening courses - you are allowed to do them at the same time - but you MUST pass the Health & Safety etc to gain your make-up cert

they would give you a basic knowledge of hygiene, health & safety and application techniques
the other thing you would need would be public liability insurance - which is relatively cheap

hope that helped some

10 August 2011 04:26

Thanks for your replies all, I think I will probably stick to just doing makeup on friends and family. I just don't have the money or time right now to do a course...I'll keep it in mind for future reference. I was only asking as I know a few people who do this without training and was wondering how it all works. But I guess I'll keep my artistic skills to painting pictures and decorating cakes
"I do this because Im having fun. The minute I stop having fun, I'll just walk away"- Heath Ledger

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