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13 July 2011 08:49
United Kingdom

does anyone else contact the moderation team and get no response at all? 5 messages over a few weeks, all about the exact same problem (an error on thier part) and i have had no response and the problem still isn't resolved. Sometimes i wonder why i bother paying for this site. As far as i'm concerned, they don't deserve to charge people for a service that is so so so poorly run!

Duty Moderator Comment : The outstanding issue is being handled by Management rather than Moderators
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13 July 2011 10:24

What abuot the problam I have complained about not been able to quote people or post replys, I can only Send quick replys? I have tried both settings too, rich text and normal and my photography account works fine.

13 July 2011 10:25

oh and I can not correct stuff either to correct "about"

13 July 2011 10:27

will not let me remove stuff either hence why theres post after post from this account.

13 July 2011 12:01

Well they commented underneath saying it's a management problem, not a moderator problem, so stop spamming them when they're well aware of the issue and are trying to sort it out?
If you hate it that much and don't see the point in paying them just leave instead of being a drama-llama.

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