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Nasty Haircut.

03 July 2011 03:18

I didn't trust hairdressers at all up until I met my current one last year.

Whilst living in germany in 2007, I wanted synthetic dreadlocks tied into my hair since I was going to m'era luna festival.
there was as afro hair shop in the city I was living in, run by a lovely woman from cameroon. Now, this isn't meant to sound racist in any way, before anyone jumps on me, but I trusted her as her I believed her culture and upbringing would make her the best person to go to for having these extensions in.

I had about 40double ended dreads to be tied in, so she decided to cut them to double the coverage. Little did I know that she didn't loop the tops round after cutting.
She then proceeded to put carrot oil on my head, which I didn't realise at the time.

Needless to say it was 41degrees outside, sun was blazing down.
When it came to taking them out a few months later, thanks to her not looping the tops of the dreads, they frizzed up and got tangled in what was left of my hair as the carrot oil in the sun had burned half of it off!

It took me 11hours to take everything out, and my hair's never been the same again, it's far thinner than it used to be.
And to top it off, this horrid experience cost me €150!!!

It took me a long time to trust anyone with my hair again, and I was far too upset to complain, felt sick just walking past the place.

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