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Email Preview?

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Mansell is off-line
18 June 2011 14:08
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

What is the purpose of the email preview facility? Is it just to be idle and not have to click on the message header?

Does it alert the sender that it's been read, or rather previewed?   If not, why keep the very useful email opened/read mouseover facility as it becomes meaningless?
Or am I missing something?
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Paul Hodson is off-line
18 June 2011 14:23
United Kingdom

Didn't even know it was there! I assume it enables you to read the message without the other person knowing?

If you are not ready to answer a message it would be useful so the other person didn't think you had opened it and had not bothered to answer them.

I always feel a pressure to reply quickly - for instance with casting calls. Be nice not to feel that pressure.

Edit: sent one to myself. Does not seem to work the way I assumed. Odd!

I think it must just be to avoid taking you away from the "Inbox" screen
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