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Gym Costs?

David Kirk is off-line
14 June 2011 09:11

United Kingdom
Glasgow there's one in town on Bath St, open 24hr. Or theres Or there's one through the council -

24 June 2011 07:46

Quote from Vas
Wow...I really do forget how expensive London is! £100 for the whole year?!

£100 for a whole year is bloody cheap haha!

Here in Herts its £35-£60 odd pounds a MONTH!

WOW Vas I am glad I don't go to the Gym haha

24 June 2011 08:03

Look for bodybuilders and powerlifters gyms on industrial estates and other out of the way places. They will usually have the best range of equipment, the best range of personal trainers but grotty showers. You'll also find the other members there and the staff will be more than happy to help you with anything and give you loads of advice.

The one where I used to work as a personal trainer was £7 attendance on a pay as you go scheme or about £30 a month subscription with no joining fees. The personal trainers ranged from £25 an hour for the newest and £35 for the owner, although most did discounts if you paid for ten hours at a time up front. I think all the personal trainers there had competed in various sports to at least international level, with a few world champions at various things in the mix too. You'll find that "chain gyms" just don't attract staff like that because the "chain gyms" are more interested in good salesmen than good trainers.

Local independent gyms like that often have trainers who specialise in other areas too. For instance I had several clients who I did water based therapy with at a local pool (as well as swimming lessons for fitness) and there were also sports massages therapists and dieticians amongst other things who trained there. It really was a whole package and we were so friendly as a team that we had no problems in referring people off to the correct person to sort them out (even though we were all independent contractors).

Go local and support an independant gym, I pretty much guarantee you will find it a better environment than one of the glossy brand name places.

Natalie E is off-linePlatinum Member
24 June 2011 08:32
United Kingdom

LA Fitness have an offer on at the moment - 6 week membership for £49

24 June 2011 14:42

Curves is nationwide and I pay £30 a month.Excellent and quick.
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