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How about a competition ?

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10 June 2011 03:45

Quote from ConPhot
The other issue is who judges the images. To have any creedence the panel must be accredited and recognised as able to judge without bias and that takes training. There is always a lot of negative comments from imagemakers about judges choices even when thay are fully qualified. That idea is fine, the logistics would be a nightmare.

Thats where NM went wrong!

I no longer go on there as theres no point its just the same people posting over and over...

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10 June 2011 03:48
United Kingdom

"Purestorms got talent" Competition .
Partially sighted, coloured blind, Light sensitive & short sighted Photographer, Howdy :).

10 June 2011 04:36

Just had a reply from the mods team saying it will be discussed at their next meeting so we'll wait and see.

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