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Market rate survey

04 June 2011 02:44

How about trawling the casting calls on a keyword search to identify the currently offered rates and levels and publishing the ranges or graphing them as a guide to market rates? Or have I been watching too many Bloomberg / CNN business shows?
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TarMoo is off-line
04 June 2011 03:08
United Kingdom

Most casting calls from models do not specify rates and the rates on model's profiles rarely reflect the rate you actually pay the model.

Trawling through the messages in my inbox, the rates/hour models typically ask for are :

Fashion: £20-25
Topless: £25-30
Art Nude: £30
Glamour Nude: £40
Adult: £50+

A lot of models have 1/2 day rates which are better or will accept offers for longer shoots. For example a glamour nude model with rates of £40/hr may shoot for £100 for 3 or 4 hours.
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04 June 2011 03:21
United Kingdom

I think it's a good idea. With a demographic perhaps? I was quoted only yesterday £40.00 up to topless per hour minimum of 4 hours. It was in the South does that make difference?
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