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"Skinny" fat...

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17 May 2011 12:15

Quote from Tidal_Kitten
Yes, completely know what you mean...the ectomorph and endomorph shapes of the human body should never be a goal, even if one's genetic disposition favours certain traits of one or the other. If we hunted for our food, made our houses brick by brick and walked vast land as a standard means of living, there'd be none of the problems we have (or at the very least be heavily reduced). ...Back in reality, emulating that as much as possible in the real world is the next best thing, but we like our cosy cappacino's infront of our computer screens making the world a better/safer place by the ever increasing number of keystrokes we enter into a mass void of...........?


I swear 'modern living' is causing stress without any other factors - just things like not being able to see the horizon in cities, breathing Vas is a naughty person when you go for 'healthy jogs in the park. Our 'lizard brains' can't cope with it.

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