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Nudity on the home page

Chris Byrne is off-line
12 May 2011 13:20
United Kingdom
Hamilton / Glasgow

I remember when the recent photos bar was first implement and the lengths went to to ensure the site remain safe for work and avoided being hit with restrictions because of nudity in images.

It was actively encourage and enforced to not upload such images but it was repeatedly ignored and eventually you limited what images were allowed on the homepage with what I believe to be a vetting system where only certain images were chosen to be put up.

Surely with the new site design the site is once again open to the same problem. If someone is posting a casting or is featured in the recently updated area and they have nudity in their main image/avatar then it is being shown on the homepage.

Surely after the hassle of removing nudity from the homepage this is somewhat of a backwards step?
Persistance is key... it allows you to fail in a whole different way next time.

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