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New Look - Opinions

12 May 2011 06:00

Hi Randi,

I think you have a look which you could experiment with easily, there are plenty of options avilable if you looking to change your image. Find out what face shape you have, and then research into hairstyles and makeup ideas that would suit you. Personally I could imagine you with hair like this-

You can stick with your dark hair, but maybe put in some chocolate highlights??
You have nice, clear skin- I'd love to see some nice makeup shots. Maybe work with an MUA to try out styles (e.g pin up, bronze goddess, english rose?). Show your versatility in your port.
I hope you find a style that suits you
"I do this because Im having fun. The minute I stop having fun, I'll just walk away"- Heath Ledger

Randi Imzadi is off-line
12 May 2011 06:14
United Kingdom

Thank you, River!

That hair style is exactly what I keep trying to get done at the hairdresser but each time they never cut it short enough. I'm not sure what they're so scared of.

I'm going to start hunting down MUAs though. This is something I've been wanting to pursue for a while.

12 May 2011 06:22

If you find a reputable hair salon (look up reviews- and if you see someone in a shop/school/bank etc who's hair you really like, don't be afraid to ask them where they got it cut/coloured!). Show the stylist the picture and ask them if they would be able to get your hair as CLOSE to that style as possible. You may need to pay a bit more and get your hair done by the senior stylist/ salon owner rather than someone lower ranking.
Good luck!
"I do this because Im having fun. The minute I stop having fun, I'll just walk away"- Heath Ledger

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