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The Kitty Committee Approval Thread

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Paul Ottey is off-lineSilver Member
03 May 2011 06:24
United Kingdom

Quote from w4pictures

On a more serious note,luxury heated car seats give that feeling of having wet oneself on a cold morning. Would kitties advocate buying a cheaper car and just wetting the seats to keep the cold out in winter?

Kitties make every attempt to never get inside a car, cars take kitties to the vets. However the concept of a heated seat that a kitty could take from a human slave sounds appealing, so kitty advises the heated seat, but kitty will take measures to ensure the car never gets to the vets.

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gerryquiff is off-lineSilver Member
03 May 2011 15:31
United Kingdom
Bonnie Scotland

Quote from otteypm
Lolcat says dogs are more suited to advise on trainers, shoes, and any other crap they can fit in their mouths. But Lolcat can only suggest one Brand of sportswear.....

Thank you Kitties.

Now that's another dilemma...........I do like stripes, BUT PUMA, I never though of them.  

Now I wonder if there is a TIGER brand that would combine the Puma ethos with a stripe effect.................................
CAT WANTED. Must be large enough to make Davy Crockett hat. (6 7/8) Prefer ginger

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