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How long for each look?

04 March 2012 18:02
Make-up Artist
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Ross McKelvie is off-line
05 March 2012 04:25

United Kingdom
Maida Vale

It can be done in 15 mins.

When I had a studio in Kensington I used a film industry makeup artist. She charged £150 per hour and was well worth it when you have people waiting around like the client, art director, various people from the ad agency, assistants etc, speed is important. She was very quick, as she had years of experience, you told her what you wanted, and it was done in 15 mins. And it was perfect.

The 2000 sq ft studio with 21ft ceiling was converted into two floors of office space after I left. Nobody wanted studio space any more, it even had its own 10 space car park.

Malcolm Alexander is off-line
05 March 2012 10:54
United Kingdom
West Midlands

Hi James,

Having recently met with a couple of MUA's to discuss a shoot of 'Exotic Eyes', their estimate is half hour. This is for makeup well over the usual, extending above and eyebrow and below eye.

Both are experienced MUA's who have worked for some years in the industry. I am actually putting one of them to the test in a few days time and will know the time for sure. It is important if several models are being made up a couple of times each, which is what I need for this shoot in May.


Sammyj is off-line
08 March 2012 13:47
Make-up Artist
United Kingdom

I hope you post some images this will be interesting to see
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