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pore advice

16 April 2011 20:18

hey ya, i have really visible pores and i hate them, is there anything that anyone can recommend i do/use to make them less noticeable, i don't mean just for shoots i mean in general every day life. if anyone can help i will be amazingly grateful

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19 October 2011 08:36
Make-up Artist
United Kingdom

I would love to help you but unfortunately there is not a lot you can do as it starts with prevention not cure.

Lots of products will tell you that they will make your pores less visible but their claims are unfounded.

Steam your face and exfoliate then

Try which hazel in its purest form or preparation H it's a cream for piles but it's great at tightening the skin and drink lots of water to hydrate and moisturise well. hope that helps a little
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