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03 April 2011 15:24


Now I don't want a fake tan, or to use sunbeds, or to have lots of white marks all over my body...

So how do I go about getting a nice - natural - looking tan? I don't want to be overly dark, just a natural 'glow' will do. I have anemia and I'm whiter than white at the moment, to the point where people keep asking me if I am ill. I usually tan very easily in the summer and get white marks so last summer I avoided the sun all I could for modelling.

I don't want to avoid the sun altogether this year, but I would like a glow. Anything you lovely people can recommend? I'm sick of looking ill!

*La la la la la, I can't hear you.*

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03 April 2011 15:42
United Kingdom
East Yorkshire
Roos near Hull.

Have you tried Johnsons holiday skin?
Its a moisterizer with a hint of fake tan, it gradually builds a nice glow with no patches.
I swear by it
Hope this helps
Lou x
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03 April 2011 15:57

Yeah johnsons is nice.

There is an over night version. Builds a really gradual tan while you sleep, so its alot more difficult to get obvious streaks.
Working upto lingerie at £15p/h.

04 April 2011 03:00

Ooh thank you! I will give it a whirl. My mum actually swears by Johnsons,but it looks quite patchy on her, then again she does seem to whack it on about ten times a day.

*La la la la la, I can't hear you.*

04 April 2011 14:49

I've started using St Tropez Gradual moisturising tan, it's like the Johnson's stuff, But i find it very natural and not as patchy as what i first though it would bet. It is £14 but worth it, Not sure if they do a light to medium, as I'm using the medium to dark.

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