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Chunky dangling necklaces and bangles?

theperfectgentleman is off-line
17 May 2011 16:38
United Kingdom

I regularly look in my local Claire's, but don't buy straight away wait until they have their £5 bag sales or just a sale, these items are normally shifted within a month.
Poundland  have a carousel of reasonably good items.
I would like to relate an incident to nicker's and bra departments.
I had a partner who had a bigggggg problem obtaining the correct size bra's  34GG. the only place she could get then was a large department store that is no longer with us. The local store didn't have any but reserved them in the nearest store 80 miles away but only for 24 hours.
I wasn't pleased as I had been working all night, but we went. having got there it was huge and I wasn't  tramping round so I sat on an arm chair outside the fitting room.
The next thing I rememberer was a large security guard manhandling me up and saying I think you had better leave sir. I have been watching you I know you fell asleep but there are a number of ladies that don't know this and don't like you sitting outside the fitting room.
Am I the only man to be thrown out of a lingerie department for not looking.

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