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Casting call criteria too confusing!

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13 March 2011 10:24
United Kingdom

I am looking for casting calls for: Models   who are: Requesting Paid or goods

Now, I would consider that this means that I am looking for 'casting calls placed by models who are requesting payment (or goods) for their services', but it actually means 'artists who are offering their services to models, expecting them to pay for these services' . At least that's what the resultant search turns up, as all the returned casting calls state 'This casting call is requesting payment from the model' Apologies for sounding like a winge, but could a little more simplicity be applied here? Its clear that those posting casting calls are totally confused by the meaning of the selection criteria also.

This desperately needs a re-think so that those who post and search find it more intuitive.

Paul A

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