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What's in your make up bag...

23 February 2011 12:28

Well as the title says what do all you lovely lot include in your make up bag for basic make up for shoots?

23 February 2011 12:54

false lashes are a must!

powder foundation, blusher, eyeliner and mascara are the main products i use on a shoot.


Tathiel is off-line
23 February 2011 12:59
United Kingdom

Depends on the make-up look were going for, for me. I have a lot of different colours and shades which are suitable for different looks. I could easily fill my gym bag with all my make-up if I were to ever take all of it to a shoot.

Chrissie Red is off-line
23 February 2011 13:22
United Kingdom


Ok this is some of the stuff I have in my makeup bag.

Always sensitive baby wipes so I can get the makeup off without scrubbing my face -

Soap and glory - Energy Balm which is a moisturiser which I swear by

Soap and glory - You wont believe your eyes - Moisture Serum for under my eyes, I have very pale skin and sometimes under my eyes there is a slight discolouration so when I pop that on it usually takes it away. I put it on before bed and sometimes under my makeup works wonders!

A good selection of quality brushes, I used to just slap my makeup on with my fingers but good brushes make all the difference.

L'Oreal Studio Secrets - Smoothing, Resurfacing primer. Really just makes my foundation sit better on my face.

Coco Butter Vaseline (little mini pot), I use it on my lips constantly.. Smells lush too!

Ruby and Millie mini eyelash curlers..

L'Oreal Visable lift which has an anti wrinkle formula in it.. Not that I have wrinkles but better to try and stop them before they come.

Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect which is the best I can find for my skin tone.

Mabellene super stay 24 hours liquid foundation which is lighter than the two. In the summer i usually stick with a different Maybellene foundation as it works with my summer skin but not my winter skin.. Can't remember the name of it though.. To be honest i have yet to find a winter foundation I am happy with.

Also got Maxfactor Xperence foundation too...

(I think I may have an addiction to foundation) - I guess its because Im not really happy with any of them.

Powder - Maybellene dream matte powder.

I have a front cover eye shadow set at home, I can put 4 different shadows into the little compact anytime I like so I tend to change them around.
Also got 2 other front cover shadow compacts with 5 colours - One is earthy colours the other is more bright colours. Have another small compact which I got from clares accessories a couple of years ago but they are the brightest and most in your face colours I have (other than the massive palette I have at home which is just for home shoots). Also got a small ruby and millie compact eye shadow set, BarryM dazzle dusts in 3 different colours. I also have a small trio of eyeshadows by Bourjois which has a colour identical to my hair and its the colour I tend to go for most of the time. Got a brown colour specifically to darken down my eyebrows..

Now for lips -

I have ruby and millie clear gloss/ bright red gloss, a couple of L'oreal glam shine 6 hour glosses in different colours. A ruby and millie lip gloss compact and about 3 or 4 different lipsticks. I must admit Im not a massive fan of lipsticks so don't have a huge selection of it.

Eye liners -
(all pencil)
Black Ruby and Millie one
Brown Ruby and Millie one
Grey/Silver body shop one

L'Oreal super liquid eyeliner in black (love love love it!!)

mascara - max factor masterpiece

I also take along a couple of nail varnishes - usually pretty clear or pale colours.

Now I have to pack my makeup bag back up now its all over the floor

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