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Sat 26th Feb, London meetup

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08 March 2011 13:59

Quote from squodge
I'll organise another one once I've had a good look in my diary. But for the time being, those of you in London who are free on Sunday 13th March, come to the Red Nose modelling day. Details are on that thread. You get to meet me, the one and only squodge! And you also get to meet the 2 King Street bunch which includes me, Nicole Cooling, Ray Liu, and Eddie Cheng (eymc275). And apparently Ely spelt wrong will be making an appearance too Quirky, take the Monday off work, come and frolic with me and Ely at the weekend!! ~ squodge ~

Unfortunately my love, I may be working as a teaching assistant next Monday so I cannot take it off . Or I would cuz I miss yous!
*La la la la la, I can't hear you.*

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