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fringe + Rihanna red hair

17 February 2011 10:39


Ok so im thinking of getting a fringe....would it suit me or not?
Also i love Rihanna's red hair what are the chances of that colour suiting me? emoticon

Thank you

Kelly emoticon
nothing to say

Sarah Jemimah is off-lineSilver Member
17 February 2011 11:18
United Kingdom

Having a quick going over your pictures to look at your facial features, i would say a fringe would probably suit you as you have a forehead, does tend to suit people with a bit of forehead, so the fringe isnt totally obscuring other features i have a fringe and quite a bit of forehead maybe start off with a light one cut in, not too much hair, like for example i have quite a thick fringe. All depends on what look your going for always start off subtly, that way you can always change it to be a bit more extreme in cut and colour if you decide but something with some shape and definition to it would work a treat have a gander through some hair magazines, just my opinion xxx

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