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Rupert Rudd is off-line
15 February 2011 12:40
United Kingdom
East Yorkshire

When writing a second or more reference for another member that you have worked with it used to open as a new reference. So you could see several refs from one writer.

This has been changed to wiping out all previous refs and only the new one showing.
Yes I understand you can copy and paste the previous refs, if you know and remember to do it in advance of hitting a single key.
I don't and models don't know and remember!

I am losing a nice history of references as a result and ending up with meaningless stuff like "Rupert still makes a nice pot of tea glad I came for the biscuits at our third shoot". (Well not as extreme as that but heading that way).

May we return to the original way of writing and managing references please?
Should anyone else agree with me a similar request might help Mr Manager in deciding new or old reference system.

A little help is worth a lot of sympathy.

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