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Work preference: "FETISH"

Skymouse is off-lineGold Member
10 February 2011 15:42
United Kingdom

I don't believe I'm the only photographer here who hires models for Fetish work. In fact, I suspect we're not even such a tiny minority.

None of the existing categories correspond with Fetish photography.

I propose "Fetish" be added to the list, along with a note that has an intent similar to the following (though hopefully written better than I can write it):

"Fetish means portraying a subject that wouldn't normally be considered "Adult", either in an overtly sexual way or to produce a sexually exciting image. This may or may not involve unconventional acts, and may or may not involve the model portraying a sexual mood."

Edit: if Fetish isn't to be added, please consider changing the word "Adult" to "Adult or Fetish".
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