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Who can really see our profile?

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07 February 2011 14:09

Ive recently had emails on my Facebook acount  from various men asking if im the same joey that is on purestorm. which lead me to thinking they were togs etc in the industry. so I emailed the first guy back this...

Yes why are you asking are you a photographer looking to work with me if so please dont contact me on fb but on purestorm instead. to which he replied No i tend to just go on sites like purestorm to have a look through the pictures very nice pics by the way. this shocked me as i felt that my privacy on purestorm had been invaded by some pervert just looking through mine and other models pics. not only that but my facebook acount isnt on here so the fact he then looked me up makes me feel very uneasy. Ive now recieved more emails from other men saying the same. If there not members and dont have profiles why are they getting on our profiles!?

has anyone else had this sort of thing happen, and agree that purestorm should be a private site JUST between MODELS PHOTOGRAPHERS MUAs and others in the industry? Not the general public.
obviously i realise that having my pictures taken they are going to be seen. but they should be seen by the right people not the wrong people.

Moderator Comment : Purestorm offers Portfolio Hosting to allow members a page on the internet
which can be viewed by anyone with internet access - not just other members.

smile it's infectious :)

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