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negative feedback

30 January 2011 13:55

hi just a quick query really, i had a shoot booked for staurday after a bit of a date mix up on my behalf i which was soon sorted and saturday was the agreed day  ,levels ,fee's time's etc where all arranged this was to take place at the models home as originally requested ,so as far as i was concerned the shoot was booked now the problem i have is i emailed the model twice in the week to confirm that i was still ok for the shoot and to get the models address both email's where read before saturday but i had no reply ,so my question would it be unreasonable to leave negative feedback or just leave it as i didn't get a conformation email back with her address ,there has been feedback left on her portfolio on saturday so i'm thinking either a genuine mistake or she got a better offer ,either way a quick message saying she was un able to do the shoot would have been appriciated ,your thoughts? thanks andy

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