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Are There *Really* No MUAs in Milton Keynes?

Saracen House Studio is off-line
28 January 2011 13:45
United Kingdom
Milton Keynes

OK, so I know that there are!  But putting a casting up recently on PS asking for contact from local MUA's & Hair Stylists for regular ongoing work at the studio resulted in the grand total of no-one from this area or even within a 50 mile radius of Milton Keynes replying.

This is strange, Bletchley College is supposed to have a good beauty course, so you'd think there would be hundreds of them!  

Perhaps no-one is reading the Casting Calls on here???? 
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Karen Hegarty is off-line
28 January 2011 18:21
Make-up Artist
United Kingdom

I saw the casting was interested until I saw the location and unfortunately it's a stretch for me to get to you LOL ... shame!!

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