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Same or slightly different casting call, same date...deleted? :S

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25 January 2011 13:38
United Kingdom
Great Barford


This has happened to me a couple of times now. I have put out two casting calls and written them slightly differently for two different regions (as where I am based falls under 'west -Midlands and 'South west'.) Both times one of the two has got deleted. 

I have also written out the same casting call but just changed the region and one of those was deleted. (just to see if it would be removed)

Now, how am I supposed to select photographers from both of these places without getting one of my castings deleted. Are we only allowed one at a time, am I missing something obvious?

I have advertised for "all areas" but as I don't want to travel too far it seems pointless to attract work from miles away...

Anyway, hope my ramblings make sense to someone.

Don't mean to break rules but just want to know how I can make what I want to do, work.


Comment : What some see as hogging the Casting Calls list through duplication is frowned upon.
If wishing to advertise in two [Regions] you could either create different posts on consecutive days
or create a single post with a more targeted location typed in the [City / Town] field.
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