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Jonathan is off-line
21 January 2011 14:36
United Kingdom

I genuinely probably miss the point - really - but what is the point of suggesting something on here and having the thread automatically locked, so no-one else can support the suggestion or point out negatives / objections publically, so to speak ?
Also, why would I want to be 'pm'd'  by other members about my suggestion ?   Isn't the point that Pure Storm would consider what the membership as a whole think ?

I have probably had too many Captain Morgan's tonight so if this doesn't make sense I can use that excuse !   xxx
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matt is a moderatorPlatinum Member
21 January 2011 15:08
United Kingdom
East Sussex

The threads are locked because they were often a source of intense arguments between members. The other thing is that if you worked for a company that had a suggestion box scheme you wouldn't normally submit it to for the entire company to debate over, it would normally be someting you submitted privately.
We have spoken about making the suggestion box non-visible but not sure if we will yet.

I think with most sites they have a 'Suggest new feature link' which gets submitted to the webmaster but it is not visible for the entire site to see.

We do look at all the suggestions that are submitted and we do plan to implement some of them, however we have recently been sorting out a few server issues which we are still working on but should be finished with soon and we can then get back to adding in new features.
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