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How to get flexible? - Without joining Yoga/Pilates classes

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16 January 2011 15:04

i have a diffrent problem, i used to be a gymnast and areial acrobatic as a child and stopped at 12 year old because i mild scoliosis which causes muscular problems and spasm, i still have super flexability in my hips legs feet and knees (although the doctors think i might have the first signs of artritis kicking in) but my back stops me doing alot im trying to get back into it i tried to do a bridge last night felt like some one ripped my spine out, does anyone no any excersizes that wont put strain on the back or spine?
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17 January 2011 19:14
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Quote from Tathiel
How did you manage results that quickly?? It's taken me two years of regular Body balance classes (2-5 times a week) to even manage to to just touch my toes. I'm envious. I would love to be able to do the splits. I have the hip flexiblity (my hips are very flexible) but not the hamstring, back of knee or calf muscle flexibility (i say back of knee as I always feel a tightness/pulling in the back of my knee when stretching the hamstrings and calf muscles.

A lot of it depends on your natural elasticity, if ur muscles and tendons are naturally short and stubborn, then they'll take longer to stretch, it's also amount of stretching.  Cause I was in competition at the end of the year I was stretching for 1 1/2 hours every single day, and quite heavy stretching at that.  I should have box as well by the end of this year, I use ankle weights to stretch also which HURTS!!!!

Catherine - I'm in LOVE!!!!! That's such a beautiful over stretch emoticon Who is she, she's all super bendy like Felix Cane!!!
One day..... (pops some paracetamol and heads to the yoga mat!!!) p.s DON'T recommend doing this!!!!

Rattus - Try looking up something called 'Kidney Loop' in your stretching, essentially pulling in your belly button and using your whole spine in any back stretch, it spreads the pressure along your whole spine rather than concentrating it in one place, and means you can practise back bends more safely.  Might help for easing into cobra stretches?
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18 January 2011 10:18

I have a similar problem as I was born with lose ligaments in all of my joints, which is pretty good for flexibility, but can result in dislocations.
Ive found that pilates and yoga have stopped a lot of the problems with my hips and shoulders.
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