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Scottish regions

06 January 2011 20:19

Can you do something about the scottish regions? you have strathclyde as a region, which doesn't actually exist anymore, and hasn't for the last 14 years or so, which would be fair enough if you were counting it as still being the region but you also have ayrshire, glasgow, lanarkshire etc which were part of strathclyde.

For reference, these are the counties that used to be strathclyde: Argyll and Bute, East Ayrshire, East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, South Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire, and West Dunbartonshire.

It makes searching very difficult, and renfewshire, where I stay isn't an option on purestorm.
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