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'More photos' link on the gallery

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Steven Jardine is off-linePlatinum Member
05 January 2011 03:57
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

Something's amiss with this at the minute.  When I click on the 'More Photos' link it keeps repeating the dates so rather than displaying the (say) 50 or so images for a day it will only list a handful at a time but alternate with the previous day.

For example:

Say today is Tuesday 4th January, it will display the images thus:

Tuesday 4th January 2011 - (displays 6 images)
Monday 3rd January 2011 - (displays 5 images)
Tuesday 4th January 2011 - (displays 4 images)
Monday 3rd January 2011 - (displays 6 images)
Tuesday 4th January 2011 - (displays 5 images)
Monday 3rd January 2011 - (displays 4 images)

etc etc.
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ForumModerator is a moderatorPlatinum Member
05 January 2011 04:25

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