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Working out at home- more advice please.

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04 January 2011 10:14

I don't know how you feel about dance but I like to pick a song and learn the rountine, right now im learning beyonce put a ring on it, and can do it any time of the day with my kids, they love it

Phil Winterbourne is off-lineGold Member
09 February 2011 08:13
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

Coming in here a bit late.... but.

Over the last 10-15 years I'd got seriously over weight.

In September I bought an exercise bike and hit it at least 4 times a week keeping my heart rate at about 75% of max (apparently the best level for fat burning) for 40-60 mins.

Since then I've lost about 3 stone.

I was noticing what Skymouse had said about losing muscle mass too. So at Christmas I bought a home multigym thing and I use that after each bike session now alternating between legs/abs and upper body at each workout.

Only after 6 weeks I'm seeing a massive difference and am visibly more toned, even though I'd say I've probably got a stone or more of fat to still get rid of.

So my method might not be the most cost effective, but it's certainly effective.


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