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Dark circles....

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12 December 2010 14:30
United Kingdom

Quote from laurenlangley
YSL touche eclat which is not a concealer, but a light diffuser, with an appropriate concealer over the top, water based rather than cream based if you have any wrinkling around the undereye area as this will exacerbate the look of shadows.Clinique airbrush concealer is fabulous. Then to treat the actual circles-take a good, full spectrum multivitamin. Estee lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Eye Recovery Complex is the best cream I can reccomend currently. Use a cooling face mask or cooled tea bags or cucumber slices before makeup to reduce puffiness.xx

01 is a highlighter and 02 & 03 concealers. A bit pricey to buy both so I agree it's a good idea to combine the highlighter with a cheaper concealer.

Might have to try the Estee Lauder now!

13 December 2010 11:21

ahhhh right,number two (Touche eclat)is best for my skin tone and I love it but they don't sell it on planes, only number one, and I find it just reflects light, it is not so good for non shadow based flaws.

For blemishes the best I have tried is Benefit erase paste.And Benefit Boooing is amazing for shadows if you use it alone.Of course all these products are expensive, i'm a product junkie xx
I couldn't give a ha'penny jizz for your´╗┐ Internet-assembled philosophy

14 December 2010 10:50

Thanks for all the product tips girls, seems like I'll have to start saving and invest in some of these!

I think it's the only option for me as I do everything by the book as far as preventing dark circles goes (lots of liquid, most of it in the form of green tea, multivitamins, vitamin e oil at night, cold spoons, teabags.... you name it) but although I've been doing these things religiously for what seems to be an eternity the effects aren't really showing

At least I know I'm not the only one with this annoying problem!

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