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Breast Enlargement

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18 November 2010 10:42

Hey girls!
I've been looking into get a boob job for a few years and have a few thousand saved up and have decided to do it now im 18.
I just wanted to ask peoples advice on where they got theirs done (if you have obviously) and how much the cost was roughly as i wanna get it done in the best place possible as i dont want to go somewhere just because i think it will be good and end up with loads of problems.
Also any good/bad stories that you may have, and what happened when you had children, where they affected?
Yes i'm young but its what i want and iv saved up the money, im also doing as much research into it as i can. So please respect this when you comment. So i will read and take note of all comments but please be nice about it.

Thank you
Chelsea xx

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18 November 2010 10:52
United Kingdom

Pmed you darling x
Life is like photography - You develop from the negatives!

18 November 2010 10:55

Do you feel you are old enough to make a decision like that without sounding patronising..i know girls who have surgery at 18 and later on regret it..if i were you i would wait til i was 21 as your mind might be ready then..when i was 18 i wanted to do things and now im so glad i your views do change..

however if u feel u r ready then my friend had hers done in reading..a great surgeon to get it done in uk cause if there r any problems u arent too far..harley st have a great reputation for surgery..

good luck whatever your decision x

19 November 2010 03:51


Try this website, (so feminine). Become a member and you will get all the info and advice you need. from Different places to the surgeons etc. Helped me alot. with sizes of implants etc.

All the members are very helpful and you will get to see before and after images of the girls surgery. But remember you have to be realistic on implants. most surgeons these days will only fit  a certain size of implant that they think is suitable for your size of frame. They dont go on cup sizes.
Im on there, and you can see both before and after pics. of scarring, bandages and how the develope into shape over time. im still a newbie really as only had mine done in May this year.

20 November 2010 06:51

Don't bother. It will reduce the amount of work you get.

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20 November 2010 07:21

United Kingdom

Dont do it!
You are only limited to doing glamour etc then...

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20 November 2010 07:34

United Kingdom

Quote from LaurieWilliams
Dont do it! You are only limited to doing glamour etc then... x

Try telling Jody_Maginnis that one. She does amazing work as an Art Nude model . 


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20 November 2010 08:20

United Kingdom

Sorry for taking this off topic slightly, but picking up on Alesha's point above, I can't help wondering why you want to do this? There is a significant risk of ruining your body permanently and even if it doesn't, it won't make you a better person.

I see you live in the town where I work - why not let me photograph you in a bikini and see how good you can look as you are? You are certainly very pretty and have the most gorgeous blue eyes I've sen in a long time!

20 November 2010 16:59

Just to clear up. Im not getting a boob job to have gigantic boobs and will therefore only do glamour. I am doing them for pure confidence reasons. I will only be going one size bigger. If anyone is genuinly interested then i will email you privately and explain but seriously. Im not Katie Price (even though i wish i was), im not doing it to fake. Im doing it to be able to do a simple task like going swimming without crying because im so depressed about my appearance.

20 November 2010 17:05
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