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Stomach Toning Help

Kimberley Curtis is off-line
16 November 2010 18:55
United Kingdom

If there are pole dancing lessons in your local area, it has been said that it tones up your stomach and legs

16 November 2010 19:29

Quote from kater
swiss balls are good kitten! I just feel like a tit using them because I can't balance properly.

hehe...i used to sit on one religiously, looked a right tit too, but your body eventually masters the ability to stabilize itself. It's got to be the most passive way of strengthening your core (provided you keep good posture..or get a chair add-on thingy)

I've never understood the idea of electrocuting yourself fit? unless slendertone takes in consideration to "exercise" all the auxillery muscles that are used to balance/counter-balance natural body movements, it just looks like a tool that exhausts your abdomen muscles for no reason which could prove futile in the long run (over exercised abdomen muscles...oooo, what's going on with your back, ah yes, it's curving...)

Any physical exercise, be it free weights, body resistance, pole dancing, swimming etc. etc. I'd favour over a micro-electrocution unit... (unless it's a TENS unit, they're awesome)
More than just Kibbles and Bits

16 November 2010 19:40

is it down the centre of your stomach that is struggling to pull in? ive had three kids, eldest 11 youngest 2 and i found out i had whats called 'post partum' or 'diastasis recti' where the muscles BEHIND your '6 pack' seperate. 
if its this, dont try sit ups or anything that is generally known to 'tone' your belly as it forms your stomach muscles into a circular ball shape on the front of you. if you think it might be this i can send you some links to websites with simple breathing exercises that help you retrain your stomach. (ive even had personal training to make sure i was getting the right info)
let me know xx

*edit, if you want to look it up yourself either look up post partum, diastasi rect or rectus abdomini*

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