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Rotator Cuff injuries...

12 November 2010 09:19

Usually I'm kinda clued up on most things (due to mum basically being the original Wikipedia person) but I'm incredibly stubborn when it comes to me being unwell or injured.

I moved all my worldly possessions on Sunday...went to work (lifting heavy boxes and driving in a poncy van) Monday, went to work again on Tuesday but my left shoulder and neck was hurting so bad I felt sick to my stomach. I took some ibuprofen/paracetamol to see the 10 hour shift through but have taken 3 days off. I don't like calling in sick, especially if I feel fine...except for when i lift something heavy. (Guess it's worth mentioning i was in a minor car accident a month ago and had the same pains but they went away)

So has anyone had a minor rotator cuff injury? How many days (realistically) would one have to take off for it to be relatively "fixed" ... I'm on Paracetamol/Codeine but you can only be on that for 3 days.

The doctor's not being helpful. He wants me to either be relegated to office work, or get another job.

Clearly the man has no idea what's going on outside his GP practice :-/
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Bob is off-linePlatinum Member
12 November 2010 09:47
United Kingdom

I suffer from both Rotator Cuff and Adhesive Capsulitis problems, inherited from carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Okay, being serious, my problems actually stem from being very athletic in my teens and earl twenties - I haven't always been known as King Pie Eater - combined with a serious spinal injury 25 years ago which causes me to articulate my shoulders in a slightly unnatural way. I also suffered a greenstick fracture of my right clavicle when young, so I have a milk-bottle shoulder too, and this probably contributes as it always made my shoulder muscles lop-sides..

 I have a physio routine which I use to free up the joints, particularly my right shoulder, but that in turn puts repetitive strain on the cuff muscle group. As part of my treatment I'm prescribed 2.5% Ketoprofen gel to relieve the symptoms but the only real cure is to rest the muscles, which means the joint seizes up. Catch 22.

Of course I'm not a doctor, so I don't know how closely my problem relates to yours, but if you want to go down the Ketoprofen route for pain relief it's available over the counter from Boots as PowerGel. One of my friends, a competitive sportswoman who is also a cardiologist, uses PowerGel to ease pain from her repetitive strain joint injuries and she swears by it.


12 November 2010 10:07

Ketoprofen? I'll go have a nosey at that. Thanks!

I'm due a few physio sessions soon (although, again, I'm not a big fan of them). But in the interim I don't want to be too "stupid" over it. I guess if i go back to work and find myself running for the pain meds again, i'll have to take some serious time off.

I used to swim competitively (butterfly) and played a lot of hockey up until about 6 years ago (2 for hockey) and figured my shoulders would be the last things to be affected by anything.
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