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what exercises?...

Amy Rose is off-lineSilver Member
25 December 2010 20:14
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

Quote from Vasilisa
Interval training + diet. Exercise alone won't help you lose weight - you need to eat the right food, at the right time.

You seriously don't need a gym membership to get a decent workout.

I agree to a certain extent...

Heres what i do and it works like a treat!

i go to the gym 3 days a week...45 mins in gym 15-30 mins swimming...

In between those days i do 15-30 mins on the stepper at home and every day i do 15-30 crunches...

Iv cut out chocolate, chrisps and bad fatty foods out of my diet...i also drink more water (that has helped my skin major time)...

Its a slow process...its taken 3 months but getting there...

Hope this helps...

Amy x.

Skymouse is off-lineGold Member
29 December 2010 15:28
United Kingdom

Quote from xXchelsieXx
i was wondering if anyone had any good exercises for toning up/losing weight on my legs and stomach area.

There is no exercise that can target weight loss in a specific part of your body.

When your body burns fat, it does so from all over your body, and it makes no difference which body parts perform the exercise.

Therefore, the only question is: which exercises are good for fat loss — period. The main answer is: whatever exercises you'll find enjoyable enough to actually keep doing! But the technical answer is that fat burning is maximised when you exercise as much of the large muscles of the body as possible simultaneously, at a high intensity, for a reasonable duration, without too much rest between sets.

There's no relationship between which exercises you do (for any given intensity, etc) and what parts of your body the fat is lost from.
"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others." - Groucho Marx.

Terri Forbes is off-lineSilver Member
06 January 2011 18:01
United Kingdom

high intencity circuit training. works a treat,

its cardio, fat burning and toning all in one, can be fitted in to 30 mins how ever many time a week u can manage. will loose all over body fat but you can cater it to tone certain parts ur body ie legs and bums and abs, but ur whole body will get a work out.

its based from British millitary fitness and is defo the way to go, im a personal trainer and it what i use myself to keep in shape, PM me and we can talk and ill try help u out with some diet tips and also a home programe, i know how it is with a busy schedule, iv got a 2 year old i need to work around

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