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06 November 2010 07:44

I normally check my emails on my phone but there's just not enough information in the emails to action them without further web browsing - which can sometimes be costly in terms of time or phone bills :-)

When getting an email notification of a personal message it would be great if the link in the email was a direct link to the message instead of just a link to the web site. Even better would be the content of the message itself within the email thus reducing a LOT of needless web browsing.

When getting a casting call notification it would be great to have more information in the email, such as the text of the casting, some model information, location and such. Again, this would save looking at a casting call for something you are uninterested in.

The text "You are receiving these alerts because of the way your casting alerts are set up. You can change the way you receive these alerts by logging in to your account, click on 'manage profile' at the top of the page and go to the casting settings section. " would be much more useful with a direct link to the castings section where you can alter your notification preferences.

Thanks for listening!
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