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Laser Eye Surgery

Peridot is off-line
15 December 2010 13:57
United Kingdom

My optician told me to wait a good few years because my vision will start getting worse again after I have the surgery (my vision gets worse everytime I have an eye test). Was properly gutted when he told me that, been wanting lazer eye surgery for such a long time!

Has anyone elses vision got worse again after they had the surgery? Or is my optician just trying to keep me as one of his customers and take my money for a little while longer?!
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15 December 2010 14:21
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That is also my question: what happens if your prescription changes after the op, do you have go again?

15 December 2010 16:02

As your eye muscles age they get weaker, hence a natural tendency to go long-sighted in later life, so short sighted people will drift back towards normal.

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