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Clip in hair extensions - recommendations?

Amber West is off-line
28 October 2010 06:20
United Kingdom
Dumfries and Galloway

Over the summer I had glue tipped hair extensions in, and, well it's basically wrecked my hair as I ended up cutting a lot out.  Not going bald or anything, just have a lot less body as it's all at various lengths.  Also mourning what was, already very naturally long hair before I had these bloody extensions put in emoticon

Can anyone recommend some good quality clip in extensions (ie I can take in and out whenever I want)?  When I've looked in shops they always seem to be either curly or straight, and I have naturally quite wavy hair.  Also, I want something that matches my shade of blonde well(obviously).  Could I dye the extensions or is that a horrifically stupid question?!

I'm not really worried about price - I'd rather buy some good expensive clip ins, than risk my luck on half a dozen cheap ones.

Thank you all, my Lovelies.

Bessii is off-line
03 November 2010 10:04

United Kingdom

Hey hun, sory to hear you had such a bad experience with glue its such a shame when there not fitted properly and damage your hair,

there is another way of having them in you could always have micro rings which use the same principal as glue by using about 200strands for a full head but they use no heat or chemiclas and last longer.

But for amazing quality clip ins you could always check out balmain? they come with a 6month guarantee

message me for any info hun.


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