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27 October 2010 14:52

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A few brief words on the Recommendations system for those who might be interested in
hearing the reasons why it exists in its current form and why ability to add comments is limited.

Matt did not arbitrarily design the system but modified it over time based on how it was being used
in an attempt to give something that is both workable and less prone to be misused by the receiver.
The intent is to allow those who wish to leave positive Recommendations with notes to do so
as well as to allow those who wish to Not Recommend or Possibly Recommend to do so instead.

No-Shows and Late Cancellations are the single most common complaint on the site so a way of
recording this was introduced instead of allowing negative comments - as these can be problematic.
The system allows N-S and LC feedback to be qualified with either Not or Possibly Recommended
to allow the member who was let down a way of indicating if inconvenience was severe or not.

The ability to post retaliatory negative feedback was removed after many complaints as often the
innocent party was given an undeserved blue icon following them leaving a justified factual report.
That is highly unfair but it seemed to be the automatic response of most who did a No-Show.

The webmaster does arbitrate on feedback disputes, which even have their own Reports section,
but it should be noted that: not only can it take considerable time to get the full picture from
both parties but sometimes we reach stalemate as the member in the wrong seldom accepts this.

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