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Banning politically motivated threads

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23 October 2010 15:10

I am, to put it bluntly, sick to death of the narrow minded, ill informed and often incoherent  political threads started on PS. I like to look at the discussion threads to read model/photography related and sometimes light humoured chat, and when I open one of the political view ones and start to read some of the racist, sexist and extreme right wing threads it makes re really angry and upset. I'm sure there are other more appropriate forums of the internet where people are able to express these sorts of views. I realise it is my choice to open these threads or not and read them but I just feel they are very out of place. I have stopped using PS so much because of it and considering downgrading my membership. I wonder if the moderators could ask/remind people that this is a public photography related forum and not a political arena or the opinions page of the daily mail and to keep that in mind when starting posts?

Thank you kindly!


photo3 is a moderatorPlatinum Member
24 October 2010 17:37
United Kingdom

The moderators have reviewed threads in the Off Topic section and note that there seem to be roughly equal numbers of threads of both left and right wing political leanings. Off Topic posts are exactly that and it would be almost impossible to choose what is an acceptable Current Affairs post or one that is offensive to others. Some threads are locked or deleted and others left in place. Sometimes leaving the replies to contentious threads can actually be a more effective way of highlighting offensive views than deleting them.
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