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Emails going missing?

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17 October 2010 07:18
United Kingdom
County Durham

I am in regular contact with a photographer about a forthcoming trip to Spain. He has sent me 3 or 4 emails through the system that have not been delivered.

I am obviously concerned as I could be losing ADDITIONAL emails from potential contacts that I don't talk to on the phone.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this just a one-off glitch?

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17 October 2010 07:24

United Kingdom
West Sussex

Quote from Aesthetique
He has sent me 3 or 4 emails through the system that have not been delivered.

Tell him to go to his Sent box and copy & paste the Date & Time details from the right hand column
into a [Contact us] form and the webmaster will investigate.
If members do not report any suspected problems the webmaster will be unaware.
We did have one 'lost mail' Report last week, but this actually turned out to be a mistake on the part of one of the users

 Update 13:43:00 - No record of any internal messaging problem has been traced on the mail server by the webmaster


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