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How do I know if someone has blocked me?

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16 October 2010 11:41
United Kingdom

If I send a message to someone who has blocked me, would I get a message back telling me I am blocked?

I sent a message to a model, who replied to a casting call, telling her that I would like to book her for the shoot. But it has sat in her Inbox unopened since Wednesday morning. I sent her another message yesterday - changing the title to "shoot offer"  - and another message this morning and it looks like all of them are sat in her Inbox unopened!!

I know that she has logged in every day since I sent the first message and is logged in at the moment. So do you think there is a problem with the messages getting through to her or is she just trying to tell me she has changed her mind and doesn't want the paid shoot?


Comment : If a member has Blocked you it will be impossible to send the message
and you will receive an alert telling you that you have been blocked.
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