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Two amazing products you should have in your modelling kit.

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04 August 2011 18:05
United Kingdom

Quote from Nigel_S
I always use mac strobe on models and myself its fab x That was actually written by me and not my partner nigel I was logged in as him lol x

I did pick up on this the first time round and scratched my head a little bit. laugh

I second the recommendation for Barry M eyeshadows... Inika do some amazing ones too!
I use a lot of pretty obscure brands being a dirty vegan, some products are amazing but you'd have to go on eBay or to Whole Foods market to get 'em...
One thing that's really working for me that seems relevant to mention is Green People's eye moisturiser, costs about £10 with nothing nasty in it and entirely cruelty-free of course. cool
Now taking bookings for this summer... Go on, make me an offer ;) Relax, Schmitz, you can only die once.

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