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photographer asks for help

13 October 2010 13:52
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Hi All.
Few years ago I used to know a model , who said come up to NEC Max Power, Which I did.
I got there just as the show was opening, and the Model was applying full body make-up / tan / to hide her few tatoo's and to give an all over mild glow, as she was very fair skinnned.
I mention this , simply as I have just invested in some red head lighting , a move from my usual studio flash units. I have noticed that these lights really give a clean bright light . any model who has not any make -up , might look like a Polar Bear in a snow storm, (Not Quite) but will be very pale. 

If anyone can give a little time to say which is best , all over fake tan, or something else I would be very thankful. 
The model will either be in a swimsuite / nude/ or fashion



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13 October 2010 16:23
Make-up Artist
United Kingdom

Fake tan wouldn't be used to covered tattoos so it's likely it was a body make up. These give a smoother finish to the skin and applied correctly not streaky, and give a nice glow to the skin. It would need to be a heavy coverage to cover tattoos but if it is just to colour and smooth skin tone a body make up (foundation)is fine and just showers off after the shoot so no patchy fake tan. There are a few brands on the market, and as much as I am not usually a fan of MAC, their face & body foundation is very good and gives a great sheen to the skin.  I hope this helps. Karen

14 October 2010 12:18
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Hi Karen

Thanks for the information. I have never needed to know much about make-up. though I do find models who make their faces up and stop just below the collar then when move to a bikini shot the line is very visable. I will have to look into the full coverage .

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