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10 October 2010 15:25

I'm trying to create a different look for a shoot that I have coming up, but don't want to keep dying my hair etc..

Is it worth it to invest in a really good wig? I'd use extensions but its a different colour I'm wanting not length really...
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10 October 2010 18:11

United Kingdom

wigs are great! i buy mine off ebay. an they dont have to be really expensive either. just remember if you get one an the hair is not real, you cant blowdry it. or use tongs/straightners.

real hair wigs are very expensive normally about £90+

all mine have been under £30 an looked great! k x

10 October 2010 18:17
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i just got a loads of them off ebay from China. Stupidly cheap and dont look all that bad.

If you were to invest in a human hair wig it might be better as you can colour it and do what you want to it really. You can still only do so much to it though.

10 October 2010 18:19

I have found an awesome site and the wigs look and feel amazing. Google wonderland wigs. I've a medium bob in red, brown and blond and they feel soft and real, fit easily and look genuine! The red one is in my profile - I'm doing a fetish 'tongue-in-cheek' picture in it. Under £20 and can't recommend their wigs enough. I've seen girls (at the tv particularly) with incredibly expensive wigs that haven't been half as good. Seriously - get a wonderland wig (and no - I don't get commission) lol - just genuinely amazed!
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11 October 2010 08:44

Thanks all for the advice . Been googling some and they look great.
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14 October 2010 12:11

The only thing about the cheaper wigs is that they tend to shine a lot in certain lights especially when they brand new, a lot of photographers will already know this .
I not trying to put you off at all just so you know it can happen, proper wigs are not as bad, but then £100 for one look is a lot to pay.
The best manufacture of wigs in the cheaper price range is Lacey Costume Wigs ( New York) they hard to find in the UK Ebay good for them.
Most if not all the cheaper wigs are made in china and imported by one or two wholesalers check around for price as the same wig can retail at very different prices just becuse they are branded differently.
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