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How do I make a casting call in which I offer an intangible good?

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10 October 2010 03:30
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How do I make a casting call in which I offer an intangible good as payment?

I'm posting this here because this is a question I feel may arise increasingly in these changing times when people are seeking new ways to work together.

I received an admin alert saying my recent casting call had been deleted as I was not offering goods or money. I was, however, offering an intangible good that could be assigned monetary value.

The offer (removed ) was in effect to pay a photographer with an hour's shooting time with a model *

As It's not in any way a TF* shoot (so clearly I can't advertise it as such), how do I advertise this?

I hope the mods will be able to offer some guidance and that it will be of use to others who are considering this method of working.

Comment : We do not have any Casting Call place category in place to cover intangible payment
for the very simple reason that having one would be impossible to administer and would be open to abuse

Moderator Edit :  Content of the deleted Casting Call repeated in open forum has been Deleted

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