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Day in the diet of..

Siobhan Franklin-Jones is off-line
10 October 2010 13:36
United Kingdom

Quote from imageaware
and diet cordial because I'm watching my G.

HAHA Very good

Ham and cheese croissant
Cup of tea

Turkey, roasted potatoes, carrots, cabbage, 2x yorkshires
Ice cream with fruit cocktail

Toffie Crisp and cup of tea

Exercise 1 hr bike ride at 11 this morn ...up and then over a horrible hill..nice view thoughemoticon

12 October 2010 17:24

Mmm... let's see:
b:Toast with hummous and chicken + toast with pb and honey + glass of smoothie

l: Vegetable soup + homemade bread with a little butter (at a shoot)

Snack 1: 1 cereal bar + handful of dried apricots

Snack 2: glass of skimmed milk with a tablespoon of chocolate powder

D: soy mince with tomato sauce and veggies + a bit of cous cous + toast with pb and honey (way too much bread today... )

A couple teas and a coffe during the day

Exercise: 25 minutes of toning exercises (butt, arms, abs, legs)
Booking for December now- send me a PM! :)

12 October 2010 17:51

normal day

Breakfast - 1 banana glass of skimmed milk

lunch- ryvita with cottage cheese and cucumber with a bottle of orange juice

tea - Jacket potato, tuna NO MAYO onions and a salad

2x protein shakes and 1 protein bar

excersise - 2 hour morning ice skating session, evening 1.5 to 2 mile run, 30 min squats and lunges, 30 min ab workout, 20 min upper body work out
I love it when you flex like that :P

12 October 2010 17:56

Today I had:

Breakfast: Banana and strawberry smoothie, all bran with yoghurt and milk (full fat)
Lunch: Brown toast with cucumber and smoked salmon
Dinner: Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Snacks: fruit tea with honey, yoghurt coated raisins, cashew nuts.

I'm not on a low fat diet as I never put weight on but I try to avoid meats, additives and precessed foods as these give me cellulite an bas skin.

Chrissie Red is off-line
12 October 2010 18:11
United Kingdom

Today -

Brekfast - Cup of tea with semiskimmed milk (then a fag)
Lunch - Salad sandwich on white bread with couscous
Dinner - Aparagos, Chicken, Mushroom and Potato thing from marks and spencer and noodles.
Snack like things - A few ferrero Rochers and a couple of milk trays (im slowly eating my chocolates I got for my birthday no doubt by christmas both boxes will be finished)

Exercise - Well not alot really, done some about 5 minutes of stretching while having a fag earlier but I have a feeling that doesn't count as exercise.

Like Zoi I don't eat a low fat diet as I don't really put weight on so I pretty much just eat what I want when I get hungry. Tomorrow I'm out on a shoot so I will make up for being a lazy bum today by hopefully doing lots of walking and jumping about to keep myself warm tomorrow.. Speaking of which its bed time for me

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