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03 October 2010 03:53

I need some new makeup, mainly for nights out and shoots and my 21st birthday. Something that will LAST.

I really want some MAC makeup (which I can afford) but the nearest stockist to me is Leeds and I can't get there for a few weeks. I'm in need of a really good foundation in particular, and I need somewhere I can go and have a consultation because its hard for me to match foundation to my skin tone well.

Is there another good alternative? I used to use Clinique a lot.

Would be a major help! Thank you!

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03 October 2010 04:42

BarryM make-up is wonderful for colours (I'm sure you know that already) ... I've found Rimmell Stay Matte Foundation works fine with an non-oily powder on top ... I think my non-oily powder is either No.7 or No.17. My hubby kept telling me to get Mac but I've found these alternatives in Boots more than adequate for shoots and normal. I'm very pale so Ivory is what I use. Differing skin colours may need something more subtle than a 'ghostly' pale covering! Good luck and enjoy your 21st! x
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03 October 2010 04:45

Thanks its a while away yet but I'm getting everything while I have the money.

I have found Clinique the best so far. I use a matte one during the day because I'm quite lucky in the fact I'm pale and very rarely get spots etc.. so I only need to wear light makeup.

Think I'll head to the Clinique counter again though!
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03 October 2010 06:42

Im a bit mixed when it comes to makeup. For my skin, I try and buy the higher quality products, because I dont like the idea of putting cheap, thick, oily foundation on my skin. I love clinique, I use their matte powder and foundation. Its light but gives great coverage.
I use the collection 2000 eyebrow pencil, its VERY cheap and works very well. If you dont have a blusher, a nice soft pink lipstick can also be dotted and smudged on the apples of your cheeks. I use the miss sporty cheap lipstick most of the time

I recently bought a small palette of mac eye shadows, and I can honestly say that my beauty uk £2.99 palette are much better :\ The mac shadows give a lot of fall out, I end up with sparkly pigments all over my cheeks. Sometimes cheaper products work better than more expensive ones!
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03 October 2010 06:51

I thought that about eyeshadows, I once bought a no7 palette and found that a cheap brand I found in boots offered much better 'lasting power' and didn't go all over my face instead of my eyes.
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08 October 2010 18:11

i love the barrym and collection2000 powder eye shadow, they have some really great colours and if you put a bit of concealer on your eyes first they stay put nicely too x

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24 October 2010 09:00
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I always use urban decay personally, I use it all of my shoots and the colour last withour fading as many do x

24 October 2010 09:09

I'm quite happy with my new yves st laurant foundation, christian dior lipstick. Boiing concealer from benefit which i plaster all over my eyes.
Max factor 'colossal lashes'.
Dior blusher.

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24 October 2010 09:11

I love Laura Mercier mineral make up.

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