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24 September 2010 11:10

2 fellow friends of mine have signed up to purestorm. I do not know their usernames but both are still waiting on being approved. One signed up as a photographer, the other a model.
Could you tell me the process etc of how they get accepted so i can pass the info on

Comment: We do not reveal details of the Approvals procedure as that would give clues to
the many undesirables constantly trying to create fake accounts on the site.

Instructions on what members are required to submit are given on the sign-up page
and if, like many, they do not bother to fully complete the application they may receive
an Admin Alert advising them either what to add or rejecting their application.

If any subterfuge is detected or if the panel detects irregularities the application will not be processed.
 Approval is on merit and is not automatic - higher joining criteria apply to those claiming to be photographers.

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